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First real project on substance painter after some test on the Beta.

Still in wip !

Is there a way to have transparent material ?

Another model !

Render With Cycles on Blender.

Neat stuff! The drone looks pretty battle-worn haha.

Quick question.
I follow the metallic roughness flow for exporting into UE4 so all of my textures are roughness and metallic PB materials. You have one render that you say was rendered in cycles which to my knowledge is only specular and glossy, how'd you get metallic and roughness to convert over I've been looking to render it at a higher resolution unless only that blue robot was metallic and roughness

This is fantastic and thank you for posting your video on Blender > SP workflow, so valuable!


New render.

One bug I'have seen on cycles and the PBR shader is that the png 16 bits slowdown le render.
I don't know if it's Cycles or the shader.

That is so inspiring! Such a crisp output from Blender.

I will post some of mine when I get this up and running, thanks for the new render, its great.

How long did it take to render?


18 minutes in 4K ^^

Can't wait to see more of your stuff, I am mainly a hardmodel/prop artist that doesn't model guns, so this stuff is nice to see. ;-)


Little Update !

nicely done , love the last render
actually ,have nothing meaningful to say !

Thx ;)

There is the cycles Renders.