Author Topic: Meaning of the inputs and outputs  (Read 935 times)

Maybe it's a stupid question, but I,ve Googled and Googled, searched the documentation and start going to be Mad.

I want too know the meaning of the inputs and outputs of nodes which can be yellow or gray or both, but...

What does it mean if a gray or yellow input/output has a dot in it? (a circle with a dot).

For instance the input of the output node in this picture:

thanks for helping me out!
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Here's a short rundown:

Orange: Requires a color input
Grey: Requires a greyscale input
orange+gray: Can have either input. But pay attention: when one input is plugged in, other orange+gray will want that same input type as well.

Input with a dot: This is the main input. This is where certain variables can be "inherited" from.
For instance:

You can see the resolution and bitdepth(C16) are inherited from the color node plugged into the input with the dot.