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Just upgraded to 2020.1.0 from 2019.3.3. Loaded a project I was just working on and tried to bake new curvature maps. The result was black maps. It seems something changed with how the baker matches the _high and _low models. If it is turned back to "Always" instead of "By Mesh Name" it will bake properly. However I need to bake the parts independently to remove artifacts.

Having exactly the same issue here, I get black maps when trying to "match by name" works perfectly fine when set to "always" but I need to bake parts individually for the best results

[img width=1920

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Same here. This is a big problem as I can't rebake my 2019 projects.

The workflow where you export your high polys from Zbrush as OBJs is broken if you use match by name. Ie:

Low poly mesh (exported from Max or Maya) called supermesh_bake.fbx contains 2 objects called wondermesh_low and ubermesh_low
High poly files (exported from Zbrush) called: wondermesh_high.obj and ubermesh_high.obj

This doesn't work anymore.

Been trying to find a workaround for hours, but no luck. I knew I shouldn't have upgraded. Sad face  :(

Edit: I found a workaround that's not great but it works, if anyone's interested:
Open the OBJ file with the notepad (lol, yeah) for example wondermesh_high.obj. Add the line: "g wondermesh_high" then close and save. Do that for all your OBJs. Good luck editing 60 megs text files, but it worked!

Alternatively, don't use the OBJ file format :)
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Can you at least provide a low and high so someone can duplicate this?
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Thanks for reaching out to us.

Since we changed our curvature to mesh-based curvature, it is basically referring back to your mesh instead of simply converting the normal map like the old curvature did. The issue here is that when you export an OBJ from Zbrush, the mesh is named after the poly group (and not the layer or the file itself), so if you import the mesh to 3ds Max or Maya, you will see that your high poly will be called something like "Group20110" and your low poly "Group12208", and as you might have guessed, the names do not match, since the baker expects something like "mesh_low" and "mesh_high".

The workaround for the moment is you can export both your high and low poly in the FBX format, which does not seem to have any issue with naming. Or you can import it to your 3D software of choice to rename both the high and low poly. 

Neverthless, I will create a ticket to see if there is anything we can do on our side.
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