Author Topic: Commercial use of textures created with Painter  (Read 1958 times)


I would like to know if i am allowed to commercially use textures that i baked down (bake on uv map) in painter from materials (ones that comes form substance painter, source and share). I would use them on my and with 3d models i created.

Thank you

If these materials are used to composite a final material that's baked down on Vs, yes, there are no restrictions.

Yes it is all baked down on UVmaps, for example i take cobalt material and apply it on model, than bake normals, aos etc than i export it as pbr textures, import those textures in blender and than apply them on 3d model and again i bake everything inside blender to texture. and i export those textures to use with 3d model.

If i apply for example parquet material on floor of 3d building i made and i bake all down to textures as i described is that ok right? Also it is ok just to sell 3d models without textures, because textures are alread applied on them and end user cannot use those textures because they are not included with files.

yes that's ok