Author Topic: [Feature Request] Ability to see more details about the material  (Read 1318 times)

I would like to suggest a feature which I believe would be really handy. I have purchased some points (a subscription) and have used Substance Source for getting some of the materials for my project.

One thing that I missed is the ability to inspect the material a bit more. Right now the only thing we can see is some screenshots, but I think it would be handy to see all the possible parameters and maybe even the ability to try to apply this material onto the object, just to test it out, before making a final decision to either purchase it or not.

Hi @rukas90

We used to have an online player where you could play with the parameters of the materials in real time and see the presets, however we had to disable it temporarily.

The team is working hard to be able to put it back online with even more functionalities, but unfortunately I can't give you any ETA yet
PO @ Allegorithmic