Author Topic: [Substance Painter] "Failed to decode Substance" error  (Read 1217 times)

Just recently I have purchased couple of materials from Substance Source website, I have placed them to the materials folder as usual, but when I opened Substance I received two errors stating that Substance Painter failed to decode substance. So I can't use them. It's a bit annoying as I have payed for these points and just wasted couple.

Would really appreciate any help that would help me to revolve this issue.

There are the errors:

[EngineProcedural] Failed to decode Substance.

[EngineProcedural] Failed to decode Substance.

Has this been addressed? I am getting the same error after publishing a SBSAR from Designer and trying to load it in Painter.

This happens because something from Designer is using a feature not in the engine within Painter.

Are any of your input nodes using a default value other than black?
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