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   Say I am creating a courtyard with a wall of several segments. It will have the same basic texture and some carving and maybe some broken plaster or dirt. Trying to figure out how to best do this so all the pieces look like they go together. Ideally to me if I took each piece and textured and added the carvings in Substance then took it into unreal and could use vertex painting to add moss, plaster, or dirt such that each piece was different and I could flow the detail from one piece to the next.
   But I dont know if this is possible. Or if there is a better way? I dont see how I could import a section of wall and apply the basic texture with carving then use the vertex paint texture. I could add the base texture to the selection of vertex paint textures but what of the carvings detail?
Thx for any ideas.

Vertex painting is common. You can create different textures in Substance Designer for example, and blend them in UE4. You can do the painting directly in UE4 so place your walls as you would and paint away.

Can I use the texture ive made in Substance that has the alpha detail like carving and then add vertexpainting to that? Or do I need to use the texture from Substance as one of the vertex painting materials?
And thank you

Assuming it is a seamless you could.

If not, then you can still use it but it might not give the desired results. Painter is great at painting textures, but if you want to make them you can look into Designer. Otherwise if you make them in Painter then you would do as per the link above.

You would take your base mesh, add the carving, and then make seamless textures and paint those on-top in UE4.

Cool, will have a go tonight, thanks again.

Edit: I rather plan on using Megascans and Substance textures. I dont get alot of time for this so dont want to try and learn too much, long way to go with Unreal and some Substance.
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