Author Topic: Harsh seam lines while baking thickness map across UDIMS  (Read 1978 times)

Does anyone know how to fix harsh lines across texture sets while baking maps in substance painter? This issue is specially occurring in my thickness map bake. I have also tried baking with the setting self occlusion "only same mesh".

I’ve tried googling the problem and there are similar posts from a few years ago but none of them really ever found a fix.

I had to load the image to imgur, it wasn't uploading here.
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posted this here too --->

While these settings are by no means a definitive way to solve every issue, hopefully it can help some people get started fixing their seams. There isn't a lot of information out there about the baking settings, but a little testing with your scene adjusting the sliders will get you some better results than just using the defaults. I made these quick little references for a class I teach, but wanted to share them with anyone that runs into this.

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