Author Topic: Octane and Modo issues with Substance Plugin.  (Read 2061 times)

Substance plugin 2.7.3 is not rendering correctly with Octane plugin. Example attached of preview render and octane viewport. According to Otoy this is an issue with the substance plugin.

My workaround works for both Modo & Octane renderer:,33287.0.html

For octane I had to do an override and switch from the default glossy material to a metallic one. I also had to crank up the power to 2.0 for the Diffuse & Metallic maps. Also the diffuse was looking a little dark still so I added 1.75 brightness.

Otherwise, I've had nothing but issues with the plugin ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yikes, that's a lengthy work around. :o

Hopefully we can get an update to address this.

The previous version yielded similar results, so I wouldn't hold your breath on an update fixing things. Be sure to share if you find a better method.

I've had similar issues with Modo and the internal renderer as well as in Maya with Redshift. I started to do some Substance Designer training during Lockdown to get up to speed but if the DCC plugins don't work then what's the point? This is very disappointing.