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I've been messing about in Blender, off and on, for the last year and finally decided it was time to take a relatively complex asset through the full pipe without resorting back to Max. The last personal weapon I modeled(tactical shotgun) I used to get the basics of Blender 2.80, but I ended up getting frustrated and went back to my comfort zone in Max. This time around I had more experience in Blender so it's 100% done there: modeling/unwrapping/baking/final renders - texturing done in Substance Painter. Target was around 100K on-card verts or triangles. I wanted close up folio shots so I went 4K maps with around 7 texture sheets and baked sharper(more realistic) bevels than the usual real-time asset requirements as this was more a portfolio piece and I wasn't concerned with mipping/rasterisation issues.
I also wanted to shift my workflow to baked shader bevels with no high polys involved, so there is only the final, in-game topology to worry about from the start.

Edges baked to bevel shader. All other normal details added in Painter.

Very nice work!

Nice work, I'm also moving away from 3ds Max (due to licensing).