Author Topic: Any way to apply textures from a model to a newly corrected model?  (Read 101 times)

So... I'm an idiot. I used Substance Painter to texture a number of models, and only afterwards realized that some of the models had issues where the normals were facing inside, rather than outside. Doh!

I have now gone in and corrected the models. My question is, is there any way I can take the textures from the old model with the messed up normals and apply them to the new model with the corrected normals, or do I need to texture them all over again?

If all you did was flip it, then re-import the mesh and re-bake. Your textures will be fine for as long as no geometry was added or removed, and the UVs haven't changed.

Project Configuration -> [ Select ]

That's a relief to hear! I'm not quite sure how to re-import the mesh. Any instructions on how to do it?

"Project Configuration -> [ Select ]"

Click Edit then Project Config in Painter, then where you see the Select button, click it and load your new mesh.