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I am gonna test this now. But ONE thing i am waiting to be fixed for ages is the ability to accept sequences on bitmap inputs.

    I made a SBSAR that adds an effect to the image, like "painterly effect" and would LOVE to use it for sequences, so i can apply it and use the output sequence. But whenever i try this i have random results... Sometime works, works on viewport, refresh changing frames works, sometimes changing the frame don't refresh the result, and when i render only the first image is loaded, and got stuff until the end of render. :(
Marcelo Souza

How do you expect that to work? Are you adding a bitmap sequence and trying to have it update with the timeline or is there some other way that would work?

We can look at adding that for a future release if we get a clearer idea of how it would work. I'll look at what release we plan on adding that to, as we're finalizing the new release pipeline, we have more frequent releases now planned.

There's a few changes I think we will need to have in place for that to work reliably, some of which that we're currently working on. It may have to wait until July or August to be completed after those are done. I think it may have to come for 2.5.0, which we currently have planned for in August.
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