Author Topic: Is there is a way to import (combine) another .spp file into a current one?  (Read 80 times)

Substance Painter noob here - I have a model where I split it up into 2 separate  .spp files as I thought it would be easier to manage as had over 20 materials.  Not a bright idea it turned out. 
Well now I want to view and edit together both split up objects as one inside Painter with all layers intact.
Is there a way to combine the .spp files? 
Or do I basically have to import the 2 .obj files first then reimport into Substance, bake them again and apply the (saved) smart materials from each layer in both original .spp files?  Or is there a better way to achieve what I'm trying to do.
Thanks in advance.
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You can't combine spp files directly. You need to combine the objects in an external 3D application and set up a new Painter file. Export your smart materials, and re-apply them to the new objects.