Author Topic: Export 3d mesh with linked textures to Substance Source  (Read 426 times)


I was just wondering if you guys are thinking of a better export workflow from Substance to a DCC application, especially to Unreal/Unity.

I would love to have kind of a category in SUbstance source (call it "user data") where you could upload your Substance Painter file, with 3d mesh and texture sets.

From there, you could to Unreal/unity, use the Source plugin and download the 3d mesh with already associated textures directly in UE4, which then would automatically create UE4 materials with plugged textures in the right outputs.

This would make the whole process of exporting/importing much better, and you could have an overview of your 3d meshes in the Source library.

The guys at Quixel are doing a good job in this direction...

Would be interesting to hear what you think of that!