Author Topic: UVs weird behaviour  (Read 1367 times)

Hello friends, 
I have been working hard on this Lamborghini mesh recently and now I'm struggling to texture it.  :'(
There are no NGONs, no-maninfold geometry or overlappin UVs in my mesh or Maya is not telling me the truth. However, I'm still getting weird results:

1 - there are some squares - grey and green ones - on my textures. they suddenly appear when i'm painting. (rear material)
2 - my ambient occlusion is flipped. look at my tires and windshield closely(glass material). How is this possible?

I exported an .OBJ, imported it back to Maya and exported a 'clean' .FBX... Didn't work! What is possible wrong with my UVs? I'm sharing the files on my Google Drive here, please have a look:

Thank you for your swift cooperation.

Hail friends,
Here are some snapshots. Thanks again!

Here's is the log file.


Even with automatic UV (purple one) I still have the issue. Also, there is a snapshot of mey channels.
Regarding the ambient occlusion it is solved already. I was the mirrored UVs...

Have a good one!

Have you tried updating your GPU?
And if so, try turning off hardware support acceleration in 'settings'

Hi coop, good call!
In fact, a GPU issue. I did everything that I could to optimize the workflow and now my lambo is getting shape  ;D
Yes, I needed to unselect hardware acceleration, preview while baking and irai tracing. Also, I'm working on 1024, then I will scale to 2048.

I will post the final piece soon.