Author Topic: Cannot debugging using Visual Studio Code  (Read 723 times)


I've set up Visual Studio Code and Python extension and tried to debug a plugin running on Substance Designer, but when I run it, the breakpoint is bypassed.
To setup ptvsd, I ran pip install ptvsd in my Python 3.6.6, and added the path of ptvsd to PYTHONPATH.
If anyone has had success debugging using Visual Studio Code, please tell me how to do it.

My development envirionment is below.
- Substance Designer: 2019.3.3
- Visual Studio Code: 1.43.2
- Python extension for Visual Studio Code (ms-python.python): 2020.3.71659
- ptvsd: 4.3.2

Thanks you.

On start debugging, i execute this script on the Python Editor of the Substance designer.
import ptvsd
print('wait for connection...')

I use this test plugin script for debugging.
def initializeSDPlugin():

def uninitializeSDPlugin():

I followed the same procedure on Substance Designer 10.1.0 and it worked. It seems to be a bug of 2019.3.3.
Thanks you.