Author Topic: Can't publish material. Exit code 13  (Read 966 times)

Hello, I've been trying to publish material from one of the new stylized collection downloaded from Substance source. The material is "" But cooking fails. Log file attached. Thank you.

Hi Psyon !

I downloaded and published it.
According to your log file it seems there is an issue with a parameter named color_sharpen. Did you modified the sbs file ?
If yes, we will need your modified file to investigate :)

Thanks !
QA Analyst

No, didn't modify it..just tested out first that if its working.

ok, can you tell me on which OS you are because I don't have this info in your log file and we know there is a problem with publish on Mac.
So if you're on Mac, you probably have the same problem as the other users and that's why I can't reproduce on my Windows.
If it's the case, the problem is already reported and we are working on a fix !

Thanks !
QA Analyst

Yes, that's the case, I have mac Catalina 10.15.4. Thank you, waiting for the fix then.