Author Topic: Alchemist exporting blank diffuse with vray-next preset  (Read 1743 times)

I'm trying to export materials from Alchemist 2020.1.0 (2.1.0) using the vray next preset. Diffuse exports are completely black, and gloss exports are completely white. I can export fine with default workflow, but the images aren't correct for vray.

Unsure if I need to attach anything.

Thank you.

Vray-Next uses a Metallic/Roughness workflow. Is your project set in Specular/Glossiness?
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Thank you, I made a new project with Metal/Rough and it's still exporting a black diffuse. Just saw there is an update, I'll try that now.

Just tried the newest version, and it's still exporting a black diffuse channel. I tried spec/gloss and metal/rough, no difference in the export.
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Can you send me a screenshot of your material/layer stack with the 2d view opened on the Diffuse channel (and also the specular channel) when you're in spec/gloss? Thanks
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Sure, I made this as simple as I could. Dragged an image, hit export. Exporting black diffuse. Here are the screenshots.

If you do your material in PBR Metallic/Roughness and export with VRay Next, it works perfectly. I just did the test on my side.

If you're doing your project in PBR Specular/Glossiness, that is expected to get a black diffuse
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I just tried it again and now it's working. Well, thank you for your time, I appreciate it!