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I'm trying to get the default color picker inside of painter to be exposed and when exposing a uniform color node they always out put a float4 RGBA, I do not want or ever need the A. How do I mimic the basic color selection node inside of painter correctly inside of designer so I have consistent color selections? I am currently just change the exposed parameter from a Float4 RGBA to a Float3 RGB and I return the following error. This makes sense as the parameter is expecting a f4, but how do I remove the A then?

Any help appreciated.

Error Message:
launch application:
   C:/Program Files/Allegorithmic/Substance Designer/sbscooker.exe --inputs C:/Users/first.last/Desktop/DELETE/ --includes C:/Program Files/Allegorithmic/Substance Designer/resources/packages --output-path C:/Users/firts.last/AppData/Local/Temp/Allegorithmic/Substance Designer --output-name test --expose-output-size 0 --expose-random-seed 0 --expose-pixel-size 0 --size-limit 13 --compression-mode 0
Execution failed ! (Exit Code: 13)

[ERROR][SBSCooker]Variable type mismatch:
      Variable Name: outputcolor
      Of Type: Float3
      Accessed By: Get Float4
      While Evaluating Parameter: outputcolor
      In Graph: pkg:///tester?dependency=1377366716
      Node ID: 1377370230
[ERROR][SBSCooker]Cooking fail [Error 13]
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I think this is what I'm looking for.,24417.msg95654/highlight,expose+color.html#msg95654

Yep. Does the trick. Kind of a pain, but it'll work.
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