Author Topic: Sword invixible/transparent blade  (Read 649 times)


I have ben working on making a sword on blender but when importing it to SP the blade seems invisible. When i paint it where there isn't the empty spaces it dpesnt show anything.

Anyway how to fix this?

I have no idea what that is on the screenshot, or what it is supposed to look like. Upload the object somewhere (OBJ or FBX format), I will take a look.

I can tell you that the vertex normals are wrong, you need to set up hard edges/ smoothing groups.

Probably some faces inverted. Check inverted faces in Blender: in the Overlays menu (top right of the viewport) activate the 'Face Orientation' checkbox, select all faces displayed in red, and click Mesh -> Normals -> Flip. Fix the vertex normals, then re-import into Painter.
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