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Hi, how can I flip a mask (or a layer) horizontally? I understand it's a very basic thing to do but I can't seem to find a way...  :-[

(Please note I'm not talking about the Symmetry option that must be active while painting. I'm talking about transforming an existing layer/mask)

I've tried adding a Mirror filter to the mask (Mirror Axis X) but it doesn't work (the mask just turns black).

I've also tried a Transform filter but that doesn't let you flip something, just proportionally scale or rotate it. No flipping.
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Post a screenshot of your model so we can actually see what you are doing.

In general, you can't activate symmetry or mirror after you have already painted, at least not if you have painted across multiple UV shells.

Mirror the geometry, then transfer/bake the mask (exported into a texture file) to the original model (if the model is actually symmetrical, that is). Can be done e.g. with Substance Designer or Marmoset Toolbag.

Oh my. I was really afraid of this. So there's still no way to horizontally (or vertically) flip a mask/layer in Painter. That is mind-boggling. I'll have to speak directly to the devs. Thanks Volker.

After talking to them it seems that indeed there's no way to do this. What probably happens (seeing as this is a fairly basic requirement) is people create a special filter in Substance Designer and then import it in Painter. So that's probably what I'll have to do. I politely suggested to them that this should probably be part of the default filters.

(Also, they confirm the Mirror and Transform filters cannot mirror/flip a mask/layer, so that's that...)
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Unless you export the mask, and flip it in Photoshop, then re-import it back.


Click your mask and export it:

Load your file into your image editing program and make your changes.

Save, then drag into your shelf, or File->Import Resource and make sure you select TEXTURE:

Now to use the new mask you need to select your fill layer or whatever you're using and add Bitmap Mask:

Then type in your mask name, and it will work!

If there is another way to do it in Painter I'm not aware of it, but this is what I personally do.

I hope this helps!
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Thanks, CAGameDEV