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The new plugin is great, especially the custom workflows.  We have been experiencing warnings with missing textures when referencing in files that have a substance network.

The "cache Path" output which sets the "file texture name" of the file nodes cannot be set explicitly.  So when referencing into a scene, the substance output Node creates paths with the namespace in the texture path.

As an example.
// Warning:  [Redshift] Shader node 'ASSET_TTB1840_Scrubber10:ASSET_TTB1840_Brush01:file3<2532044864>' texture file 'Z:/267_Numatic_Interclean2020/2a_3D/Maya_Interclean2020/substance/ASSET_TTB1840_Scrubber10:ASSET_TTB1840_Brush01:Sla_Plastic_metallic.png' was not found! //
// Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2018/scripts/AETemplates/AEfileTemplate.mel line 638: Object 'textureUvTilingGeneratePreviewButton' not found. //

Some are working with the namespace, and some not - its a bit hit and miss.  Our current solution is to disconnect the cache path to the file texture name.  Ideally it would be good to keep the network intact, for amends/updates to the assets etc...

Any tips, or is there going to an option to set the cache path explicitly in the future?


Hi Dan,

I'll see if we can reproduce this, and then we should be able to fix it for a future patch release.

I think it would make sense for the name to be able to be overridden as well.

It won't be in the next update, as what is in that has already been finalized, and now released today.

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