Author Topic: Is substance designer used to make smart materials for substance painter?  (Read 584 times)

     I know this may be a dumb question but I wanted to know if I can make substance materials and smart materials in designer then paint with them in painter. I'm still a noob to subDesigner, and really like subPainter. There is so much info out there, but it also seems like the top users of these programs don't really share the knowledge or share in a way that can easily be under stood. I feel like sped up videos with no explanation are the worst.

You can definitely make materials in Designer to paint in Painter, that's how most materials shipped with Painter are made.
Smart Materials are unique to Substance Painter, but Designer also allows you to create materials and filters that would take bakes as inputs so you could technically create the same effect you see in a smart material in a Substance graph.