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Hello, I have subscribed yesterday to receive substance source fabric materials. I've already downloaded some of them, but they are not seamless - when I apply to the model. For example, I'm using polyester_spandex_jersey and it has strangle vertical lines on the model, when I use UV mapping. Is it possible to fix it? Or can I make refund and cancel subscription?


Indeed there is an issue and our QA artist is on it!
I'll let you know when the updated version of the material is published on the platform.
PO @ Allegorithmic

PO @ Allegorithmic

Hi Marioni, Thanks so much for the update. Now it looks great!

I also have another problem with 'wool_canopy_grey' fabric. When I apply it to the model, it has dark and light, horizontal and vertical lines. It would be great if you update and make it seamless, too  :)

Here are examples:

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Thanks for the report, we'll work on this next week and I'll let you know when it is updated on the website
PO @ Allegorithmic