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I think I might have stumbled upon a really big bug here. But it's so big that I can only hope it's me who's doing something profoundly stupid.

Basically when I paint one part of the model, another part is getting affected as well. Now I made sure of course that there are no overlapping UVs whatsoever and only one texture set in Painter.

And still, when I paint on the eyeball (lower right on the picture) the eyelids get painted over (upper left):

That could point to a rather drastic corruption of the file. But again, it would mean my work is lost because Painter is getting confused with the UVs. Which would not be good at all. So here's to hoping I'm the one who's confused...
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Alright, addressing my own issue here, hoping it might be helpful to someone else in the future...

Turns out that when you paint on the 2D (UV) view, the alignment of the paint brush is not set properly by default. In other word when you paint in the UV view, Painter still thinks you're painting in the 3D view (yeah, I don't know why either). So you need to manually change the brush alignment from "Tangent | Wrap" to "UV", like so:

I will also add that the Symmetry setting still yields incoherent results; it erroneously paints on some parts that shouldn't be affected, even on a perfectly symmetrical UV layout. But that's another issue I suppose.
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Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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