Author Topic: Substance Plugin Crashes with Trail Version of Vray/3ds Max  (Read 211 times)

I am relatively new to this side of visualization so forgive me if i'm missing something. I have fabric samples that have been photographed and then put through Substance Alchemist to create a seamless texture.

I have then used the Substance plugin with 3ds Max/Vray to create the material however, when I hit render, max crashes and displays a incompatible renderer message. I have followed the issue with "runtime." being "rt." but this hasn't fixed the issue.

Could it be the fact i'm using trial versions? (I am currently using trails to demonstrate to my company)
I am using Vray Next for 3ds Max 2020

Could it be my set up, perhaps my workflow isn't correct?

Any help would be much appreciated!
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Hi Henry,

       I had the same problem and I did what redshift_geoff recommended. I talked about in my post. I think that if you visit this post  Topic: Installing Substance Plugin crashes Vray in 3dsMax it will help you to move forward a step as it did with me.

       Hope this information would be useful to you (check my post of the pop-up window maybe it will appear also to you)