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Designer recently added ACES support directly.  Should we expect a similar release in upcoming Painter?  Asking because I was exploring to establish that workflow through LUT and color profiles, but if it will be handled native in the next release could avoid redundant work.

Can we have any update on this? This feature has been asked since 2014 and is on backlog since 2018  :(
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+1 on this. I am trying to establish as seamless a workflow from substance painter, designer, Unreal and Marmoset. using the ACES dropdown menu in Designer I can get a pretty close result between UE4 and Designer. Painter does not have this feature.. why? Marmoset is already fairly closely matching UE4. At the minimum why is an ACES LUT not included with Painter? What is the suggested workflow from Allegorithmic to get Painter and UE4 looking as similar as possible?