Author Topic: A login request  (Read 1632 times)

So say you're browsing the Source library in the Launcher, and you find a material you want to download.  You didn't realize you were not logged in (which is another problem altogether - logins are not persistent no matter what I try).

So when you attempt to download, it tells you you must be logged in.  So you click on the pull down menu at top right (account icon) and login. 

After logging in, it takes you back to the default view of "new assets".   Now you have to try and find the material you were attempting to download.  And if you didn't make a note of the name, you have to spend more time digging it back up.

Wouldn't it make more sense if it just returned you where you were?

Now I'm off to try and find the material I was attempting to download.


We are aware of the non-persistent login, we are trying to solve this issue but currently we did not found any satisfying solution yet ... (mainly for security reasons)

Nevertheless we should at least have a way to warn our users when they are not logged in and they are scrolling on the Source tab. Should be pretty easy to implement ^^

If we find an easy solution we'll also add the possibility to keep your scroll within the Source tab after the log in step

Thanks anyway for your feedback, it's always precious to us !