Author Topic: Switching camera rotation type does not allow getting back to default roation  (Read 3213 times)


I was messing around with the Camera free and constrained rotation, I set it to free, moved the model a bit and then set it back to constrained(the way it was when I created the project).

Now I can't get the model to rotate correctly using the mouse/key combinations that are documented. I tried using F thinking it would reset the camera transform but it just centers the object.

I looked in the docs but I see nothing about this other than a couple sentences.

Has any body else had this problem?


Ok, to answer my own stupidity for others that might get this problem.

What happened was in free rotation, the Y axis got messed up and was pointing to the right and down. So going back to constrained rotation, it was pivoting around the Y axis which made it seem off and unmanageable.

The solution was going back to free, wrench the Y back up with the snap rotation a couple times to correct the alignment. Then put the camera back into constrained and you're good to go.

As a feature request, it would be nice to have maybe CTRL-F that would completely reset the camera transform back to the default. :)