Author Topic: Designer > Painter Filter Output looks totally different  (Read 142 times)

I'm trying to work out this filter for Substance Painter, and it's been driving me completely insane.

In Designer, my output looks like this:

It's a simple default output node, set as 'DefaultFormat.' I've tried switching the Format to L8, L16, L32, etc.

I've also tried the 'Usage' as RGBA, RGB, R, G, B, A, etc.

But in Painter, when reading the same data (I exported the channel I'm reading to texture, and used that in Designer to preview the filter), the output looks completely wrong:

What is going on, here?

Are you using OpenColorIo color management in designer? (Edit>Preferences>Projects>Color management). If so, this may be related.
I'm not sure if painter even uses color management to be honest (other than srgb), so you're best off setting the defaults to linear and display default to raw. (and restart designer)
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