Author Topic: Where do I put my serial number  (Read 2145 times)

I just bought the indie pack  :)
But now suddenly the little screen to put in the serial and user number doesn't show while starting SP  :(

Whats up, I still cannot export my maps because SP is still in demo mode, restarting the computer did not help.

Thanks, Robert
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Ok, I think it never gave me such a screen, maybe it was only in substance designer.
Downloading from my account now!

Its my old age you see.  8)

Painter requires a file that has the license information inside it.  When you install Painter it will ask for the file.  Ive only seen a serial # window come up on Designer.

Yes I got it, thanks!

For your information, we will change the activation system in Designer in SD 4.6 to have the same one than Painter, which is much more flexible.
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