Author Topic: How to render metals imported from SP in Modo?  (Read 1456 times)

Hello, I'm having a problem rendering metallic textures painted and exported from SP in Modo. Just by adding textures and assigning them into appropriate channels doesn't make metals look realistic. What I am doing wrong?

I figured it out. In Modo, specular map largely controls what looks like metal effect. So I added specular amount map in SP and exported it with other textures which added a significant level of realism. But in SP specular map is not available by default.

hej savo,

would u mind to share your exact export setup ? and material setup in modo
last time i checked it was really confusing. documentation says they use metal rough + principled shader as "standard" but that isnt fully support with mpath and so on...

what color profiles do u use for normal & bump / displ ? linar ? srgb ?
thanks in andvance