Author Topic: Converted to perpetual - maintenance and other questions  (Read 1111 times)

I just converted my subscription to perpetual license.
I would like to understand my future options:

1) If anytime I restart my monthly subscription to get more Source points or to work with the latest updates, will I lose my perpetual license or not? I assume not but I want to double check it.

2) Maintenance:
- Can I delay the purchase of maintenance? Ideally I would only buy it later. Or do I need to do it now?
- Do I understand maintenance correctly: So maintenance means that I will receive all upgrades for my perpetual license for another full year, starting from the moment when I buy this maintenance. Is that correct?
- Where to purchase maintenance? Maybe I missed it but I didn't see the relevant link.

Thank you!

I am interested in this also.
How much can we delay the renewal of perpetual license maintenance?

Hi, here are a few answers.

1. You will not lose your perpetual license if you restart a subscription, that's an additional license.

2. Maintenance will be available for purchase until October 2020.
You are correct with how the maintenance works.
You can purchase the maintenance from your account on the website.