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I had unauthorized charges on my credit card so I had it cancelled and they sent me a new one.  I'm trying to update my subscription with the new credit card and there's no option to "Change Card" as your FAQs suggest at

Then I tried contacting you about it through your contact page at and filled out the form and when I hit Submit, I get an error that says, "The captcha wasn't entered correctly. Reset.", but there is no captcha to enter. 

I've tried both Firefox and Chrome.

Hey Donnie,
Log into your account > Go to "My Account" > Click on "Subscriptions"
In the "My Monthly Payments" section you should see a "Change Card" link under the current card in the "Payment Method" column.
See screenshot attached...

This is what I see.

I was able to enter a new credit card by purchasing a new license.
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Well that is odd isn't it? Use this e-mail to contact directly:
Be aware that they may not be back in office until Monday.