Author Topic: Just subscribed to an Indie Licence but can't download materials.  (Read 277 times)

Hi, I subscribed about an hour ago, but I can't download any non free material, it says that I have no downloads left.

Same. I was using the student license and upgraded to the Indie. Changed license to the Indie version within Painter and it has been over 4 hours. Still have 0 pts...

Same problem and it has been five hours.

Hello everyone,

Our servers were down yesterday so if might be the cause of the issue.
When I look at your accounts I see that your points have now been awarded and that some of you have been able to download materials since.

If that is not the case for you and that you still can't see points in your account could you please let me know?
PO @ Allegorithmic

Thank you Marion. My points are now available.

Same problem here!
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Same problem here!