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I recently upgrade from good ol' SD 6 to the 2020 version.

Though since this version, my workflow is hindered. When exporting textures from the 2D preview window, SD now uses a custom file browser. This is very restrictive in the following way on Windows:

- No access to "Quick access" links or "Recently opened". These placed always give me access to whatever project I'm working on
- Unable to copy/paste a folder path, if I have the destination folder already open in the explorer, it saves me the effort of having to navigate to it again in the file browser.
- SD file browser reverts to default size whenever it is opened. If a folder has a large amount of files, I keep finding myself scrolling down to find the file I'm looking to overwrite.

Maya has to ability to use the native file browser instead, I could not find such an option in the SD settings and it would greatly be appreciated!

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Was going to start my own thread, but I figured I could just contribute here, which is an idea I support.

My issue is related but different (windows specific).

Recent updates have changed the file browser on windows, and I'm wondering if there could be a toggle to revert it to the old browser, that does not constrain the user. The new browser only shows small thumbnail icons and not the images themselves, while the old one was simply the Windows explorer, which allowed you all of the features of Windows Explorer normally has, notably to be able to actually see the images (at different scales).

After reeling in the latest version (2020.1.2) I noticed the save dialogs now use the native Windows file browser again  ;D
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