Author Topic: Newbie really needs help  (Read 203 times)

Can anyone help me out? I'm trying to figure out this major project that is really becoming very difficult and I'm running out of time. I'm trying to create and add textures but nothing I'm doing is working. I have one asset that I brought into painter from designer and now I can't seem to load it. It's telling me its' undefined. How do I fix that? I'm gonna have a lot more questions but they don't have a viable tech support option and I have no phone number to call. This problem would be much easier if I had a contact. But they don't have one. I'd be done with this by now.

There isn't nearly enough information in your posting to help you... very obviously.

If you would like people to help you here, start by posting a Painter log file (Help -> Support -> Export Log). Describe what you have done step by step, post screenshots about your project, describe 'what exactly' isn't working, post the exact error message you get.