Author Topic: Which VGA to choose for new build  (Read 797 times)

Hey internet,

Im bulding a new rig, need some advice about which VGA to choose.

I use Zbrush and maya for modelling, and designer and painter for texture creation . Then port the results to unreal .

Im not really looking to produce finished renders from substance.

Im looking at the Radeon VII as oppsoed to a nvidia card .

From what i read everyone reccomends a nividia card based on the fact that iray rendering wont run off the GPU if i have an AMD card. But like i said I dont want to render from substance just create textures.

 SO my thinking is that the radeon VII with 16gb HMB2 will offer me better performance than an 8gb rtx 2080 for example....

Is this correct ?

Pretty much i want to know, if im not interested in rendering from substance, my concern should be on higher memory for better performance... yes or no ??