Author Topic: Any way to stay logged into the Source integration?  (Read 888 times)

Hi all, hope you have a great week  :)

Not 100% sure this hasn't been asked before but, is there a way to stay logged into Substance Source within Painter?

Everytime I fire up Painter, I have to relog into substance source, which is quite a pain, as my pasword has a quadrillion random characters I have to look up each time and copy/paste, as there is no option to "save password" in the source login screen.

And while we are at it, this goes kinda hand in hand with the above.
As an Indie, I have to reevaluate my license every month. Why can't Painter get the license info from the server by itself?
I mean, all I do to evaluate is to log in, right? Why can't I stay logged in, so Painter can check my license automatically without me having to reevaluate each month? Is this for everyone, or is this just the fate of the indies? And if one or the other, why?

Nothing, really?
Nobody feeling the same way?
Guess i'll have to reevaluate priorities.