Author Topic: substance sbsr is reading grey using Arnold.  (Read 191 times)

Hi, my name is Kris and Im a student who started to use 3dsmax for concepting. Im also a paying subscriber to substance.

Here is the load off: I download sbsr files from Substance Source via Launcher and import it via Substance 2 node. I use Arnold version 4.0.073 with 3dsmax 2020. I can neither preview them in the the Asset Library which gives me the substance triangle on all of the downloaded shaders, and those I load into the node are reading grey. So far. I cant preview the maps, because they are mostly grey or solid color. Its very frustrating as Im working on my portfolio, and this superb plugin doesnt work. Please, let me know what I should do. I ticked of course enable legacy maps. When I convert the substance to Arnold, it simply doesnt output what the real shader should be. I can tweak parameters, but nothing helps. I need help.