Author Topic: Substance Painter is extremely crash-prone and bug-ridden (Mac)  (Read 6036 times)

Dear Allegorithmic,

First of all, I wanted to say that you have a fantastic product in Substance Painter. When it's working fine, it's such a timesaver and brainwreck-preventer when texturing; the tools feel nice and natural, I like the ability to bring in custom stamps and the way the program divides everything in layered materials from the mesh and layers each material per instance is great. The recompiling from previous data so you don't need to start from scratch when updating the UVs is fantastic.

However, I've come here on a slightly more serious note. There are days that the program functions like a charm. There are also days that it's a nightmare.
Currently, I'm using Substance Painter version 1.0.2 build 520 on my iMac that I bought this Summer. Its specs are as follows:
3.1 GHz Intel Core i7
16 GB RAM 1600 MHz DDR3
Nvidia GeForce GT 750M 1024 MB
OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks)

As you can see, my specs aren't apalling. The graphics card could be better, but that (hopefully) shouldn't be causing the many bugs and crashes I'm getting.

I've been reporting a ton of these crashes through the provided crash reporter and entered my e-mail in all cases. I hope to hear that at least one gets resolved at some point - that would mean to me that my voice is being heard and that you have use in me describing where the program crashed.

Now I will list all crashes I can remember and a number of frequently encountered bugs I have in the hopes of getting some help.
The program crashes when:
-I select a tool;
-I select a colour in the palette;
-I am painting directly onto the 2D UV map;
-I click on buttons in the UI;
-I load a layer (mesh material);
-edit the attributes of a tool;
-load a project;
among other things. Not all of these things happen every single instance; the occurence of these crashes seem quite random. I know that's bad, because that's pretty irreproducable. But maybe you see a connection in these cases that I do not.

There's also the common bug of my camera controls freezing up. I will be completely unable to pan, zoom or rotate the view, yet Shift+LMB still rotates the light. The bug can only be resolved by restarting the program. This creates waits for all the layers to load back up. Another bug is that sometimes, tool options will simply disappear. After using the Eraser tool, which doesn't deal in materials, obviously, other tools, such as the default brush, will sometimes bug out and also lose the Materials UI, as if they never had it. I'm able to resolve this only by selecting another preset tool that should have the UI mentioned. A third bug I get, which happens literally every time I load the program, is that the split 3D/2D pane will be up, even if the camera is set to be full 3D or 2D mode. This means there's a divider bar through the middle of the view that's just sitting there splitting up nothing but my full view into two halves. It's not that big of a bug, but it adds to iteration times necessary for program restarts after crashes or irresolvable bugs due to me having to switch the view to 2D/3D split and then back to my desired full view to remove the bar.

I hope my feedback helps you improve your amazing program. I long for the day that I can sit at my project and not worry that a crash will creep up on me! The tool is very relaxing in how easy it is. Sadly, it is equally stressing in how bug-ridden and crash-prone it is.

I thank you for your time.

Yes the same here on windows 7.
Cant figure out when and why but on a regular basis SP crashes, sometimes it even freeses my computer completely so that I need to do a restart.
Hope this will get fixed soon because as allready mentioned its a great software.  :)

Regards, Robert

I am seeing more crashes too with this release on Mac, also the viewport glitch has returned fixed by switching 2D 3D modes so no biggy.
I  do suspect the drivers are a a problem on the Mac though as I  get crashes when other apps are open in background. Most probably a memory overflow that isn't being caught.

It isn't bad enough to stop work though just a little annoying, I still can't work sensibly above 2k and even 2K is slow at repainting Substance Effects.

I am sure these teething problems will be sorted out though and I expect a few bugs especially as the Yosemite OS seems full of them :(

Great work all the same and I love the software too.
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The OS X version indeed has some problems (some of them seem to come from Yosemite), so we removed the 1.0.2 from the website and suggest to use 1.0.1 for the moment, which is much more stable.

Be sure that we are aware of the problem, and that we will provide a new version ASAP.

Head of Product Management

Will this new version be available for Mavericks too, or only Yosemite? The new OSX has terrible compatibility problems with a few of my tools that make upgrading to it not an option.


The 1.1.2 version works fine with Mavericks. The problems only happen with Yosemite (and yes, the support from Apple is terrible about those issues, their dev forum is full of developers complaining about it...)

Head of Product Management

Thanks for getting back on this Nicolas, it is what I suspected but as I am no longer in Apple Developer program I am not up to speed.

The latest CUDA 6.5.36 drivers fixed a few things and seems more stable somehow, no definitive data just a feeling. The viewport bug is gone again though and updates to UI at 4K seem faster.

Seems we all have to wait until Apple gets the arse in gear on this one. :)
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Prone while picking colors from id map, mac Sierra.  :-\

This is a global issue accross all platform if your ID map has a different resolution than your texture set. It will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix update.