Author Topic: Substance2.ini config settings keep resetting.  (Read 216 times)

i have a render farm consisting of headless Dell r710s set up as Win 10 and Win 7 workstations for 2019 Backburner to use as servers. I have installed and configured the Substance plugin for each server and the substance2.ini file's "Engine=CPU" as the servers have no GPU.

When I submit a job to Network render, randomly some of the servers start rendering all substance materials in the scene as black. I can confirm this is due to the Substance2.ini file being reset to "Engine=GPU" at one point during the job. If i fix the .ini file and restart the server, the materials render fine. But again this keeps happening randomly and after going into each server and fixing the .ini file manually each time.
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Some more info as i couldn't submit a long post i guess

Note I have the same settings on the servers as I do on my workstation which I am submitting the job from.

- SubstanceIn3dsMax-2.2.0-2019

C:\Users\"USER"\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2019 - 64bit\ENU\en-US\plugcfg

[Substance Renderer Settings]

Another note i have noticed this issue has only been occurring on the Servers running Windows 7. Windows 10 seem to run without issue

Found a workaround.

i have set the Substance2.ini to read only in the file properties through windows 10.

i still expect an official response as to why this is happening and a different solution to this as I had to make these fix to over 30 servers and its absolutely horrible for scaling up production.

I'll see whether anything looks out of the ordinary there, but we go through 3ds Max's API for configuration.

I would think it has something to do with it failing to load and reverting to the defaults, or somehow the file gets deleted or corrupted by something.
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