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Okay, so I baked a normal map with Marmoset toolbag. 4096 res, x64 supersampling, smooth enabled, dithering enabed, 8bit png file format, Mikk tangent space, Y axis is in DirectX mode. It looks nice and very clean with all those baked details.

Next, I imported it to Painter in 4096 as base normal for detailing. A added come text markings via fill layers and masks, nothing fancy. Noticed slight pixelization.

Next, I exported it back in 4096.

It looks like Painter does filtering on every export/import action and every time I'm losing details step by step because of that filter. Why is this happening? It gets even worse if I'm trying to downsample my result to 2048. Ok, I get it - I need old good Photoshop for 2048 downsampling, but why I'm losing details in 4096?
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Found this plycount thread

There is a bug in the export process where textures that are at a different size of the texture set size are sampled in nearest mode instead of bilinear. Therefor they look pixelated a sin your screenshot. Until we publish a fix, the best solution is to use textures that fit the size of your texture set, just like you did.

Looks like that bug is still here from 2016 at least.

Hi! WOuld you be able to share the mesh and normal with us for further testing?

Sure. It will be 170 mb with mesh/normal/spp files in zip. Can I send link via PM?

Yes, by PM is fine. You can reach either Jeremie or myself.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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