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3ds Max 2021 comes with the 2.3.1 version of the plugin.

The next release, which should address as many of these as possible, is in progress, and will be published for all the currently supported versions (2018 - 2021).

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Got it, thanks 👍

@Galen, I was just scrolling through a couple thousand materials on Substance Source, including some incredibly beautiful marble, fabric, and plastic materials that would be excellent options for some ongoing projects. Any status update regarding the next release of the 3ds Max plugin?

It is currently in progress. Most of the release is completed, but the issue you've been describing is the last thing needing to be completed. I think we will also update the Substance engine again before release.

To make sure I understand the error right, after flipping materials a few times or doing some other more than trivial operations, when editing the material it renders to what it should be, but then flickers back to the original configuration. This is what I see in the IPR for example.

This is what I've seen, but I've only been able to make it happen once so far. My guess is to what is happening is that the copy that the Corona renderer is using is being correctly updated, but then is subsequently rendered itself, causing it to be out of synch.

Hoping to figure out more about it tomorrow when the week starts back up. If you have a more concrete way to make it happen more often, that would be helpful. For me it's very hard to make happen.
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It may have to do with timing as I think about it more. I don't have a strong machine right now, so I may have to do more work to make it occur more reliably. I'll try two things tomorrow morning, first bumping the resolution up and then connecting to the corona material, then dropping it back down, and second keeping it low before connecting to the corona material and then bumping it up.

If the cloned/hidden substance node is being rendered directly with the Substance engine for some reason when it should not be, this should make it more apparent.

Nevermind, looks like I just need more than one in the scene, then only the most recently edited one renders with the right outputs.
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This should be fixed now I think, will need to ensure everything else is stable.

Next release is planned once everything goes through testing.
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I've recorded a video illustrating the issues persistent in Substance to 3ds Max plugin v2.2.0, but the issues replicate in v2.3.1
Watch x1.5 speed

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I forgot to mention, in addition to the other points I raised in the video, why are the thumbnail previews not consistent with the Substance color picker?

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I think that's a gamma encoding thing, where the output has an sRGB curve applied to color outputs, while the color picker is in linear.
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