Author Topic: Typo in crashes renderers  (Read 731 times)

I've been investigating reports from Redshift customers where having Slate Material Editor open while rendering would crash.

This happens when Redshift broadcasts NOTIFY_POST_RENDER from Renderer::Close().  The call stack showed a MaxPlus hook invoking Python, resulting in a call to exit() causing a chain reaction of exceptions in the Max main WndProc and finally overflowing the stack.

I dug into this and located your scripts, then experimented a little to discover is using a non-existent object pymxs.rt in your force_no_display method.  This should be pymxs.runtime.

I've advised customers to make this change in C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\SubstanceIn3dsMax2019\scripts\python\substance - obviously substituting the correct Max version in that path or using %PROGRAMDATA% on non-standard systems.

Note the related bug report here:,32766.0.html -- the renderer_change handler calls this same method, so this fix might also apply.
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Thanks for the report there. We should have that fixed soon for the next version.

That is a slight mixup from a version for Python 3 that doesn't have all the same 3ds Max modules available.
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Thanks a lot, fixed my problems