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Just a quick question,

I want to try and build a tileable snake skin in SD. Any tip in how to create tileable noises in SD, I guess I will need to do that with an FX map?

Further more, I saw two snake skins in the database, but I could not find a lot of info and previews about them, also if they are tileable or not.

Many thank, regards, Robert

I think you can achieve that by mixing existing noises from the library (cells for example) or creating your own using the tile_generator (with a bit of random position).

All the noises already tile, don't worry about that.
I don't think it'll be necessary to create your own noise using Fxmaps.

The snake skin from the database does tile as well.

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Thanks Nicolas,

Indeed downloaded one of the snake skins from the database to get my self acquainted.
Should not be a problem, but one day I will start to pester you guys asking questions on how to create my own noises anyway.

Thanks, Robert