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i got an house mesh, which i would like to texture with an substance in ue4.

but i got an problem, to find the right settings in substance designer 4.5.2. to see all my tex-parts
in the 3d-viewport correctly:

here is my workflow

- i made an diffuse map and an specularity map (both in 4k).
- i made an new substance based on the physically based (specular/glossiness)-template
- i connected my slots with my textures
- i went to the 3d-viewport, chosed the cube and materials/default/shader/physically based
- i right-clicked in the graph and chosed "view outputs in 3d"
- the texture appears in the 3d-viewport...

but unfortunately the specularity int the windows of the house (which i made in my spec-tex)
is not shown at all....

where is my fault?

thank you very much for an answer!


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Hi loopon,

If you want to fit with UE4 PBR workflow, you need to use the "Physically Based (metallic/roughness)" template when you create a Substance.

What you'll need in Substance Designer is "Base color", "Roughness" and "Metallic" outputs.

To sum up:
- "physically_based" shader is dedicated to PBR Metallic/Roughness. It will use the "Base Color", "Metallic" and "Roughness" outputs (and some others as AO, Normal, etc.).
- "physically_specular_glossiness" shader is dedicated to PBR Specular/Glossiness. It will use the "Diffuse", "Specular" and "Glossiness" outputs (and some others as the previous one).
- "relief" shader use a classic (non-PBR) workflow.

You can check what kind of textures the shader use by clicking on Materials=>Default=>Channels.
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hi Gaetan Lassagne,

thank you very much for your answer!!

i will correct my workflow.