Author Topic: How to paint dirtiness around normal mapping bump detail?  (Read 1227 times)

Hi, Substance community,

I wish to reproduce this dirtiness. Is this possible?

I try to bake the Painter normal map and import it back. I look for filters and generators. I also try using AO with no success.
 Any idea of the workflow for this? Please step by step.

Yes, using anchor probably is the bay to go.
But I wish to paint outside the normal bump map.
Maby I need to use some kind of shadow?
I'm wondering if the shadow filter could work.

In order to create illustrative black outlines around masked elements, we copy the mask, blur it and the use levels to tighten it up. It can be a little imprecise once blurred but if you have a mask of your normal map detail it might help create the effect you want.

But I wish to paint outside the normal bump map.

Whats the problem exactly? Have you even tried to do it yet?

I did a 3 min test and came up with whats seen on the screenshot. Just an anchor point on the mask of a fill layer in a group, and the mask editor (word on the left side of the screenshot). Its not exactly what your see on your photo, but with a little work it should be easy to do.

What patrick_14 suggested works really well also (see right side on screenshot).
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