Author Topic: Mesh Not Baking  (Read 4510 times)

Quick question: if you're baking a cylinder - a nice round high-poly one to a low-poly - shouldn't the low look more rounder at the end of a bake?

I've tested an incredibly simple part of the model, and while the lighting information is there and it looks shiny, the ends still look angular and low poly. I've tried it with giving the entire thing a Smoothing Group of 1, the central part a Smoothing Group of 1 and the ends 2, which I then separated their UV islands, but to me, I still don't think it's right.

Thought I'd post a quick update: turns out, after correcting the Smoothing Groups and unwraps, I'd failed to reset the pivot point of each object and apply the XForm. After that, things are now baking properly. :D Only issue now is with the end caps of the cylinders, which look weird.