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For a uni assignment I need to bake my high-poly loot crate to my low. Unfortunately, I'm not having any success whatsoever. For the practise task I had in class, I managed it no problem. With this, nothing seems to be baking. I've tried various things and I'm not sure what or where the issue lies. Admittedly, both of my high and low-poly loot crates don't overlap 100% perfectly. Not sure if that's related.

These are the things I've done so far:

- In 3ds Max, I've zeroed both the low and high (I had to group all the parts of the high in order to zero everything together. After that, I ungrouped them and then reset the pivot and the XForm for each one)
- I've reset the pivot in the centre for both
- I've reset the XForm
- As far as I'm aware, Smoothing Groups have been applied in the same areas and with the same settings
- I created three Standard materials - one for the lid, the main body, and the latches - for the low-poly
- I created a Multi-Sub Object for the high-poly and applied three Standard materials with different colours
- I've UV unwrapped the three parts/UV sets for the low-poly - the lid, base, and latches
- I have similar UV islands overlapping as they're the same. I've also tried it without having any islands overlap.
- I've named them both to loot_low and loot_high respectively
- I've exported them both out as an .fbx
- I've enabled Smoothing Groups, Tangents and Binormals, Convert Deforming Dummies to Bones, and Preserve edge orientation. These were the settings advised to us in our tutorial. It does give me a warning saying that TurboSmooth meshes are tessellated, and there are 7 of them.

In Substance Painter...

- I have the template set to Unreal Engine 4
- The document and textures set to 2K
- I've loaded up the low-poly first
- I've set the Dilation Width to 8
- Loaded up the high-poly
- Set the Max Frontal and Max Rear Distance to 0.1
- I've set the Antialiasing to Subsampling 8x8
- The Match to By Mesh Name
- The Colour Source to Material Colour and applied it to all
- The Ambient Occlusion settings are left at default

However, the end result looks identical to the low-poly when I load it up, with the only difference being the bottom coloured a darker grey. All the attachments/handles all remain low-poly.  :-\ I also get an error message saying: Errors have been found while splitting meshes per UV tile: Mesh 'Side Handle' UV coordinates are missing.

Also, if I try and drag a material onto the mesh by holding Ctrl, none of my assigned colours show up. Instead, the bottom is black and the top just shows a checkered pattern.

I'm totally at a loss as to what's wrong. I really would appreciate some help with this if possible.

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I've corrected the alignment of the low and high-poly so they sit more flush with each other, but that's made no difference either.

If you provide the low and high I can answer your question.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Okay, thanks. :)

It looks like my low and high are no longer aligned properly again. >_<

I have another file where things are better aligned again. I have attached all the parts together for the high mesh with this one though. I've still yet to redo all the material IDs as well. Feel free to check the UVs to see if they're okay. :)

EDIT: I keep having issues uploading save files. It keeps giving me a Secure Connection error. :-\

I need your high poly as an FBX and your low poly as an FBX please. I do not use 3D MAX.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

I did try uploading those to begin with, but I keep getting an error. :-\ I'm going to have to upload them to my Dropbox and link them here.



When I get back to my station later today I'll take a look and let you know the solution.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Awesome. Thank you. I'm going to keep experimenting in 3ds Max my end.

I looked at your low poly mesh and it is a single part... but your high poly mesh has all the pieces broken up.

Unless this is a mistake you need to make sure you follow a format like this when baking separate pieces:

endplate_low endplate_high

Something like this as an example:

You also have overlapping UVs - example on LID:

Then on BASE:

You shouldn't overlap like this when baking. Offset off to the next 0-1 space, bake, then bring it back if you're purposely overlapping like parts. (this applies to BASE only as the LID one isn't correct)

Same applies to your other sets, so review those. Once you have this all corrected let me know and if you're still getting bake problems I'll look into it more. These issues should be corrected prior to moving forward however.

Watch this video:
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I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Okay. With the low, I figured that because some parts were separated by materials and they could be isolated, it would be fine. So I’ll make sure to get those separated. I did notice that weird overlap with the first UV and fixed that one with a more updated version. With baking, can no UV islands overlap at all? Not even similar parts? Or were you referring to UV islands that are just slightly touching? Once I get a chance, I’ll sort them out and report back.


Okay, I've cleaned up the UVs and have none overlapping. I've renamed the objects too. However, I'm not 100% sure about how many of the objects I need for each. I have more separate parts for the high than the low. Will I need the same amount for the low as well? I'll upload the latest version of the low so you can see the UVs.

You still have more high poly parts than low poly separated. They need to match as per my example.

You have:

You need it to be like my prior example:

Also to answer your other questions, baking identical parts should still not be overlapped. You'll get baking errors. You should offset for the bake, then bring it back, and re-load the mesh in and apply the maps.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Would the best way of doing that be to group them? I can't really attach them as their modifiers will disappear.

Actually, upon realisation, I’m better off making the same amount of objects with the low as the high.